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8 Reasons Why your Vape Tastes Burnt

Why my vape tastes burnt?

After using your new vape for a couple of weeks, you notice it’s starting to taste burnt but after replacing the coil with a fresh one you notice it still tastes a bit burnt so what gives? A burnt taste while vaping can come from a number of things most of which can be avoided with a little bit of knowledge. So let’s discuss why your vape tastes burnt and how it can be avoided.

There exist at least 8 reasons why your vape tastes burnt.

1. Coils

Coils can produce a burnt taste for a number of reasons, the most common being that it’s been used and is past its prime. Most coils tend to last a couple weeks before needing to be replaced but a coil should also be primed to avoid a burnt taste right off the bat. If you’ve been using the same coil for a while and it’s starting to taste burnt, it’s probably time to replace it!

2. Priming

To prime a coil, it’s usually recommended you drip a couple drops of liquid in to the coil before installing it then filling up the tank and letting it sit so the coil can fully saturate. This ensures the coil doesn’t dry hit or burn on the first few pulls and will pretty much always benefit the coil and it’s longevity if done properly.

3. Power

Somewhat hand in hand with coils is the amount of power that is used. Crank it up too high and it’s going to taste burnt. Most coils have a recommended wattage range and it’s suggested you start vaping at the lowest end of the range and slowly work your way up to avoid burning out your coil before it even gets going. Also even if a coil has a suggested range it might not always need that much power so use your best judgement when setting the power output of a new coil.

4. Hot Spots

A hot spot is a spot on a coil that gets super-heated in comparison to the rest of the coil most often caused by a short across the coil or improper wicking under it. This tends to affect the DIY crowd a bit more than pre-built coils but even the best made disposable coils can occasionally hot spot usually leading to a very metallic tasting burnt hit. If you get a hot spot on a disposable coil, it’s not likely you’ll be able to fix it, so just throw it out and try another one. For the DIY crowd make sure you work out hot spots before wicking and you should be good.

5. E-liquids

Yes even the e-liquids you use can have an effect on that burnt taste you sometimes get. Sweeter or darker e-juices tend to gunk up on coils quicker and that gunk can lead to a rather nasty burnt taste. To avoid a burnt taste from your eliquids, chose flavours that aren’t as sweet or dark in colour and you should get much less of that burnt taste. If you’re hooked on the sweet stuff get used to changing your coils out often!

6. Chain Vaping

If you’re a chain-vaper the rate at which you vape can lead to dry or burnt hits. Often the wicking material in the coil can’t keep up with successive draw after draw. To avoid this just pace yourself when vaping and try to avoid chain-vaping. If you really can’t avoid it, try turning down your power or altering your inhalation technique.

7. Wicking

Wicking can also play a huge role when it comes to getting a burnt taste. Too much wicking can block juice flow or not enough can lead to hot spots. Generally with pre-built coils, it’s not a huge issue but if the wicking can’t keep up much like chain vaping, try slowing down between draws or even poking a couple pin holes through the exposed cotton on your coils to help with juice flow. Don’t overdo it though or it could lead to leaking. With DIY coils and wicks there are a number of suggested techniques out there and lots of instructional videos you can watch for suggestions.

8. Cleaning

If you’ve run your tank to the point it tastes burnt and then swapped out the coil but somehow it still tastes burnt, it could be that your tank needs to be cleaned. Just in regular use the inside of your tank can accumulate the equivalent of soot which can affect the taste of your vape and make it taste burnt. Try cleaning out your gear from time to time and especially if you recently encountered a burnt hit scenario.


Really there are a number of reasons that your vape tastes burnt but if you’re aware of the major causes then you’ll be able to narrow down and correct the issue should it arise or avoid it altogether. Of course if you’ve tried all of these suggestions and you still encounter a burnt taste, you might want to ask the assistance of a veteran vaper or a shop employee as they’ll likely be well versed and quite willing to help out. After all, no one likes a burnt vape!!!

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