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[shortdesc] <i class="fa fa-check" style="color: #42d060;"> <!– icon –></i> The coolest damn hat I’ve ever seen! I’ll take 20!!!
<i class="fa fa-check" style="color: #42d060;"> <!– icon –></i> 100% acrylic
<i class="fa fa-check" style="color: #42d060;"> <!– icon –></i> 12” in length
<i class="fa fa-check" style="color: #42d060;"> <!– icon –></i> Pom-pom on top
<i class="fa fa-check" style="color: #42d060;"><!– icon –></i> Original Light Designs

<img src="//×50.jpg?v=1548417436" alt="Gabeys fantastic finds">
<h1 style="text-align: center;"><strong>Important Information!</strong></h1>
<li>For Vape Items you must be of legal smoking age in your State / Country</li>
<li> may refuse sales of this box if we expect you to be under the legal smoking age.</li>
<li>Unregulated / Mechanical MOD’s are <strong>Only</strong> for seasoned Vapers that know what they are doing. If you don’t know Ohm law and/or are new to vaping select “<strong>Regulated</strong>”</li>
<li> & Light Designs LLC are not responsible for any Miss-use, Abuse or any other Use of the products intended or unintended. Using Vape products is at your soul discresion. ( Read manuals to start with! ) If you feel unsure, uncomfortable or any other word that contains <strong>un</strong> then <strong>don’t use the product!</strong>
<li>Abuse or Miss-use of the products can cause serious harm or death, you are not a Cat! so be careful with the 1 life you have.</li>
<li>For any Vape related questions use the live-Chat or go to the Light Designs Youtube Channel <strong><a href="">here</a></strong>

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